Beirut Based x Natalie Shooter

A Beirut-based DJ and writer.

Hometown: Matlock, UK

Based in Beirut since: 2010

Day job: I’m a freelance cultural writer, editor of Lebanon Traveler, event and booking/social media manager at Radio Beirut, and a DJ.

What brought you to Beirut: Myself. I fancied giving the Middle East a try for no particular reason and ended up in Beirut. I loved it.

Cure for homesickness: I don’t really get home sick. Though I do like going to the Duke of Wellington, an English pub attached to the legendary Mayflower Hotel, for post-work happy hour.

Duke of Wellington

Lebanon’s hidden gem: Abou Elie, one of the oldest pubs in Hamra. Off the tourist trail and still frequented by Lebanon’s few remaining communists, writers, drunks, and random characters!

Where we’ll find you on a Saturday morning: First stop is Souk al-Ahad for early morning record digging.

Where you’d be on a perfect evening: Most likely Radio Beirut or Yukunkun for the best in underground musicians and DJs.

If you had one last meal, you’d make reservations at: Varouj in Bourj Hammoud. You’ll find amazing Armenian food and one hell of an interesting owner. It’s his way or the highway!

If you found 100,000LL bill: I’d buy records in some of Hamra’s hidden old-school record shops, then go for food in Rawda Cafe next to the sea.

Where you’d go for a staycation: Bcharre or the Bekaa Valley.


When you’re at home in England, you get a taste of Lebanon: Literally – through food. Aubergine on the BBQ for moutabal, halloumi wherever it can be found and tabouleh. And, of course, Fairuz.

Photos courtesy of and Getty Images


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