Hometown: Beirut!

Based in Beirut since: I was born, with the exception of a few years in Europe and the US.

Day job: I’m the managing partner of Whyte Mulberry, a boutique consulting firm specializing in luxury brand management.

Lebanon’s hidden gem? Its people! Lebanon’s gems aren’t its restaurants, cafés or beaches, but the homes of friends and family who invite you for a wonderful Lebanese lunch on a Sunday afternoon.


Where we’ll find you on a Saturday morning: Rollerblading along the Corniche with a friend until my husband wakes up. Then we usually have brunch at Ristretto in Hamra.

Where you’d be on a perfect evening? On the rooftop terrace of Hotel Albergo enjoying sunset drinks, then treating ourselves to dinner at Casablanca. It’s pricey but their food is to die for. We’d end the night at Epicery for spicy margaritas with friends.


If you had one last meal, you’d make reservations at: Mayrig, a great Armenian-Lebanese restaurant. It’s been consistently good over the years.

If you found a 100,000LL bill: I’d give it to one of the Lebanese NGOs that are making such a difference despite the difficult circumstances they work under.

Mir Amin Palace

Where you’d go for a staycation: Mir Amin Palace in Beiteddine. If the trip coincides with the Beiteddine Festival, you get to hear bands practice while lounging poolside at a stunning historical location.

Images courtesy of, Mayrig and Mir Amin Palace.


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