Hometown: Since birth it was wherever I laid my cap. (London.)

Based in Beirut since: 2011

Day job: Writer and radio journalist. Sometimes I draw.

What brought you to Beirut: A broadening of my horizons, aka “to make my CV better.”

Cure for homesickness: Time Out in Monot because it reminds me of an English sitting room, or bootleg copies of BBC dramas from DVD shops in Bourj Hammoud.

Lebanon’s hidden gem: Nahr el Jaouz, just east of Batroun. You can walk to a waterfall where you can picnic and swim.

courtesy of solidere

Where we’ll find you on a Saturday morning: You’ll find me on a (very) early jog on the Corniche, which I’ll follow with a takeaway latte from Paul in Zaitunay Bay. It’s the best place to watch trendy toddlers being chased by mothers in inappropriate footwear.


Where you’d be on a perfect evening: Watching the sunset with a beer, either on my balcony or in Batroun at Chez Maguy, a fish restaurant on the sea.


If you had one last meal, you’d make reservations at: Le Montagnou in Faraya. Their food is to die for and requires elasticated clothing.

If you found 100,000LL bill, you’d head straight to: Body Garage in Sassine Square to renew my gym membership (see above re: elasticated clothing). I need classes to get motivated to exercise and they have the best. They also have running machines that let you watch street life go by from the window above.

Where you’d go for a staycation: The boutique hotel at Chateau Belle Vue winery in Bhamdoun. Their wine is amazing and so is their hospitality. They have a little bistro there called Le Telegraphe. I’ve only been to the vineyards but I’ve been fantasizing about a weekend at the hotel.

When you’re at home in England, you get a taste of Lebanon: If I’m honest, I may think of friends but I never think of Lebanon when I’m in the UK… [Pressed for an answer] I try to find somewhere with a bidet. Whenever I’m back in the UK I miss mine.

Images courtesy of Solidere, Plus961 and Le Montagnou



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