Hometown: São Paulo

Based in Beirut since: 2008

Tammy 2

Day job: Movie Marketeer at Empire International. We distribute movies from 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures.

What brought you to Beirut: Family

Why you left Beirut: My company transferred me to our offices in Dubai. I’ve been here since last August.

What you miss most about Lebanon: So many things! But mainly its authenticity, charm and ambiance. And definitely the fact that everything is so close to everything else.

First place you go when you’re back for a visit: The city’s landmark: Roadster Diner.

Where we’ll find you on a Saturday morning when you’re in Beirut: In Hamra. I used to live there. I love it in the morning, when it’s less chaotic and has a sort of hard-to-explain, nostalgic vibe. I’d go to Café Ristretto, a breakfast place that’s been there forever, and walk around and do some shopping. But you should know that my morning would start as of 11am!


Where you’d be on a perfect evening: Good dinner and good dancing. I love food, so I’m fine with almost any place. I’m also very eclectic when it comes to music, so I could easily either be at Uberhaus, The Garten, or any other club that plays commercial music. It’s all about the company.


If you found 100,000LL bill: I’d rush to Souk al-Ahad to find some great bargains, and I’d spend the rest on a burger.


Where you’d go for a staycation: My parents live in the Bekaa Valley, so I have staycations at their place at least twice a month. Good weather and good food up there!

Now that you’re in Dubai, how do you cure homesickness? Most of my friends are Lebanese, so that helps. I also order a tabbouleh or fattouch at least twice a week, and you might even catch me watching a local Lebanese TV channel for a few minutes – something I never used to do in Lebanon!

Photos courtesy of Najjar Najjar, Flickriver/Dan Gorman, Wikipedia


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