Because my body is growing a human, I think I deserve a little pampering. So far I’ve treated myself to exactly one prenatal massage.

I hope to squeeze in a few more before sleepless nights and baby vomit become my new normal, so stay tuned for more reviews. And if you’ve had a great (or terrible) prenatal spa experience in Beirut, please feel free to share in the comments.



Shiseido Pregnancy Massage

⭐ / ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

If I’m ever feeling like I deserve to indulge, I make a beeline for Shisiedo in Achrafieh. I’ve never had anything but a fantastic experience at this cozy spa where everybody seems to know your name. So at nearly six months pregnant, with an already-aching back and tired feet, this was the first place I booked an appointment. To say I was disappointed is an understatement: I left the Pregnancy Massage more tense than I’d arrived.

Pros: The price, relative to other upscale spas in the area. Because the massage therapists don’t take tips, the price you see is what you’ll pay.

Cons: Where to begin? Let’s start with safety. The massage therapist never once asked me any questions about my health – including how far along I am – until the massage was over. I began the treatment in a (very uncomfortable) prenatal massage chair and was later moved to a table, where I spent another half an hour on my back. At certain stages of pregnancy, lying on your back can be quite dangerous.

The treatment itself included a quick back massage with no particular focus on the areas that typically bother a pregnant woman, and a piecemeal service of left leg massage, one-minute pause, right leg massage, one-minute pause, and so on. The light-blocking eye mask I’d been given flew off when I lifted my head to see if the masseuse was in fact still in the room (she did not replace it, despite my arms being stuck under a towel). During the service, doors were opened, drawers were rummaged through and the massage itself clocked in at 38 minutes. I’m not a stickler for seconds, but getting shafted 7 minutes of a 45-minute treatment felt substantial.

Bottom line: Save your cash and skip Shiseido, at least when it comes to a prenatal massage.

$80 for a 45-minute (or less) massage. Near Sassine Square, Achrafieh. Visit Facebook or call 01.888.306


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