Just when it seems the weather might be looking up in Beirut, along comes a gray cloud to dampen the vibe with rain. With it, unfortunately, comes snow in regions like the Bekaa Valley, where many Syrian refugees now call home. The stories of people freezing to death are mounting (here, for example – though if you’re looking for a little ray of sunshine, this sad story ends on a vaguely optimistic note).

My own personal mission, as a hoarder of clothes intent on cleaning out my closet, is to get people to donate new or gently used sweaters, socks, hats, and anything else even remotely warm. If you’ve got nothing to give, don’t worry: Just stop by Radio Beirut next Thursday to see drumming group Jebebara Unity Drum play their West African rhythms. It’ll be a good time, and the LL10,000 entry fee goes to Basmeh and Zeitooneh, who is working to create a better heating system for refugees.

WHAT: “Keep the Warmth Up” with Jebebara Unity Drum
WHEN: Thursday, January 22 at 10pm
WHERE: Radio Beirut
WHO: CEADS, Radio Beirut and Jebebara
DONATION: LL10,000 (about $7)

If you do decide to part with some of your winter clothes or blankets, Radio Beirut is collecting donations every day until the event. Stop by from 10am-5pm any day, drop your donation on the stage, and CEADS will distribute it.

 Image courtesy of AP


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