I may not be able to feel my fingers as I type, but I can’t really complain. The storm raging outside the window of my fancy, heated, top-floor office has already claimed two lives, including a 7-year-old Syrian boy.

According to the UNHCR, there are more than 1.15 million registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The Telegraph says that figure is equivalent to “Britain taking in 20 million asylum seekers in less than four years.” Many of those families live in tents not much sturdier than what you’d take camping at the height of summer, and people are literally freezing to death.

If you’d like to donate new or gently used jackets, sweaters, warm socks, winter shoes, hats, mittens or anything else that can fight the chill, there are several places accepting donations. It’s a good excuse to get rid of that sweater you haven’t worn since last year, and a little goes a long way.

If you have an organization to add to the list, your suggestion is welcome. Please leave a comment.

Basmeh and Zeitooneh
This relief and development organization is currently collecting donations headed for the Bekaa Valley. Follow them on Facebook for updates on what they’ve already received and where it’s going.

See the Facebook page here

Lebanese for Refugees
The “Campaign to Keep Them Warm” is this group’s latest project, a social media initiative to collect sweaters and other cozy knits. They’re meeting this Saturday, January 10, in Hamra to raise awareness and donations.

See the Facebook event here and the organization’s Facebook page here

Sawa for Development and Aid
This organization co-hosted a massively successful clothing drive last year, and a spokesperson says, “We really need donations now more than ever because people are freezing.”

Email or call Meshaal (70.183.492),

Syrian Eyes
This project covers the Aljarrahieh Camp in Almarj Village, Alhoor in Birlias Village and Alfaida in Zahlé. They are looking for formula and diapers for the “I’m Small and Want to Grow Up” campaign, stationery and craft supplies for the community center, as well as medical supplies, food and clothing.

Deliver donations to Dar Almusawer on Rome Street in Hamra, call Somar (70.486.715) or Tareq (78.901.525), or email

Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP)
Don’t have a car and can’t face lugging a bunch of donations around in a service? No problem: this group is partnering with Uber to collect food, clothes and winter supplies. Just enter the promo code givewarmthbey on your Uber account for a free pickup until January 14. The groups is also accepting donations at their Hamra headquarters.

See the Facebook event here. Log in to Uber, deliver donations directly to Beirut Building Company Bldg, Makdessi Street, Hamra or call Tara (70.661.112)

War Child Holland in Lebanon
This organization was also involved in last year’s Beirut clothing drive, helping to collect donations from over 4,500 people.


Photograph courtesy of Yahoo News



  1. One more group collecting is Chabaab lal Oumma – شباب للأمة (لدعم أخوتنا النازحين السوريين في لبنان)ـ – they are accepting donations of warm clothes, blankets and heaters at the Blue Mosque in central Beirut for eight days starting from Jan 8, 2015, during the following hours:
    Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday from 2: 30 pm to 6: 30 pm.
    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 4: 30 pm to 6: 30 pm.
    Cash contributions are welcome also, and will be used to purchase heating oil: Subiya $ 35 black oil $ 15 is $ 20 – for more information, please contact the following numbers: 71497395-71892773.

  2. Does anyone know of an organization that will pick up a very large container from a clothing and blanket drive I am organizing in Dubai, I need to make sure the donations can be picked up on Wednesday and sent to Beirut

    1. Hi I live in Dubai and would like to give out clothes for Syrian refugees. Can u tell me how or where r u collecting them in Dubai? Thanks

      1. Dear Sirine, You can drop off your clothing donations to my office in media city, the Red Crescent will be coming to pick up all donations on Wednesday evening. We will be open from 9:30 am to 5 pm tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday. Address is Wilhelmina Dubai, Loft Office 3b, suite 405, Dubai Media City, Attention Leila 04 451 9160 Thank you so much

    1. Hi Benise,

      I’m sure you could contact one of the groups above directly to see about donating clothing, but I think it might cost you and arm and a leg to ship from the UK.

      There are many groups doing work in the region that accept international monetary donations, which might be a better option. Two that come to mind are: International Committee of the Red Cross ( and the International Rescue Committee ( Both make donating quick and painless!

  3. Unite Lebanon Youth Project – ULYP – is accepting donations of any warm clothes and blankets at our office in Makdessi Street, Hamra, between today and Wednesday 13 January. They will be distributed to families in the Bekaa, together with two Bekaa-based NGOs SAWA for Development and Aid and URDA. Uber cars can be used to collect your clothes and bring them to ULYP if you are unable to do so.

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